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  • Andrea Robinson

    Ah, this was so soothing, and just about the perfect length for me. I’ve been having some really busy days the last few days, which is good, but sometimes I get anxiety. I think the last few days, since I’ve been meditating with these podcasts, have really helped me. Like, I’m busy, but I can enjoy it. Simple little things like allowing yourself to enjoy each breath instead of just taking them for granted will help me with anxiety going forward. I actually look for reasons to feel good, instead of waiting for them to happen, so this is just what the doctor ordered!

    Thanks so much, Alan!


  • Megan Hill

    I’m using this guided meditation before bedtime and it works great! I can feel as my muscles relax and get ready for sleep. I seem to achieve a state of calmness effortlessly. It’s like someone is massaging my interior :)!

    Started doing this a few weeks ago and now it has become a ritual for me because I also sleep much better. I used to have all sorts of weird dreams that were affecting my sleep and I got up feeling grumpy and tired. Not anymore!

  • Rossio Motta

    I am doing this meditation during my breaks not to accumulate anxiety :). It really helps! Thank you so much Alan! I wonder if you could post some other short meditations.

  • Katy Smith

    I have been busy and stressed out with planning my wedding so I’ve been listening to this to help reduce my stress and anxiety. Thank you for this 10 minute guided meditation, Alan!