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  • Frank Green

    I’ve found this meditation a great option for me in the mornings. I start work very early but I do find it a necessity to “sneak” a short meditation before work and this one seems to be my daily choice since I discovered it three weeks ago.

    Alan’s voice is soothing and very easy to enter in pure relaxation. This allows me to enter a meditative state quite fast and easily. I tend to have much better meditations at dawn so Alan’s short guided meditation is like my “cheating sheet” for my mornings. It gives me the
    chance to be focused and connect with my inner being fast… at a time that is the most needed.

    Even though experienced meditators will find a 15 min session quite short I would like to strongly point that short time does not equal lack of effectiveness. It is the quality of the stillness in our minds that defines our energetic cleansing so one single minute with COMPLETE focus and stillness is 100 times more benefitial than one hour “trying to relax the mind” with little focus.

    In this short meditation Alan proves to me once again his knowledge and thoughtfulness into meditation guidance and I have to say it’s been a source of tremedous power, peace and quick time to get very centered in the morning.

    It is beyond priceless for me to arrive at work with that deep inner sense of well-being. All my thoughts, actions and decisions are of much more quality and therefore my results reflect that. This is the great state I’ve been able to enjoy since discovering your short guided meditation on the breath Alan and I want to really express my gratitude for offering this for free. It’s of utmost value to me.

    Thank you very much Alan.

    • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

      Very Great! This is a good example of what happens when you meditate for a while: you really understand what is of value and you have proof in your life that is totally convincing. It’s important to recognize all these things you are noticing because that feeds back into the practice with more consistency and sincerity. Which then leads to more proof, and on it goes. I’m very happy for you!

  • Daniel

    Perfect, I was looking for shorter sessions that I could do on the mornings when I wake late or have lots to do. I hate having to skip morning meditation, it makes me grumpy all day :/

    • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

      That’s a good sign– it means it’s really starting to “take.” Great!

  • Elizabeth Griffin

    As I just work from home, I can usually afford to do the longer meditations, but this would be perfect for when on vacation, or have family visiting. (I mean, you don’t want to take time away from that.) And this seems to be just as effective. Thanks again Alan for another great session. :)

  • Ann Abbitz

    As I have a crazy schedule due to my job as an ER nurse, and with 3 kids (2 still at home), this is perfect, because as Daniel stated, having to skip any sessions will throw my day off, and I’m feeling out of sorts throughout the day. I’ve been using this shorter session for a few months now, and it’s helped me greatly.

  • Brenda Bradley

    This has been a true lifesaver for me these last few months, as I don’t want to skip my daily meditations. And I love being able to get in a quick session throughout the day when needed. Now though, I can enjoy the longer ones, at least til classes start back up again. Happy meditating all!

  • Katy Smith

    This is perfect! I love that you provide a short meditation. This will help me not skip a day with my new busy schedule. Thanks!

  • Emma Ström

    Hi Alan! This is a big thumbs up for a season 2 with you! I discovered isbm a few months ago and it’s (or you) has become my friend and comforter along these months. I really enjoy the diversity of subjects and the different takes on how to use meditation in life. The first episode made me a new person, alrightness has really changed so much and I am forever grateful for the guidance you give. Also I think it are a great speaker and I love listening to your words and way of talking. Also how you communicate with us, you make us feel like we belong here and he we all matter. It’s beautiful.
    So please please a season two!

    What I enjoy in meditation podcasts is the diversity in the episodes. Some longer some shorter, all so we can choose one for that specific day and situation. Some more philosophical, some physical guidance. Small tricks and mantras to use in everyday life with which we can find strength (the thought of alrightness for example) here there are so many different situations – how to take deep breaths when something suddenly feels really bad, or how to quickly recharge or find strength and courage for a task were about to do, or how to think about being open towards eachother.

    Me myself is in a happy period of my life, things are going my way and I am very lucky to have a loving family and many friends around me. The meditation is a way to take care of my spirit, make it ready for future sadness or trauma or just a bad period of time. Not make my life better per sea, but improve and prepare myself – does it make sense?

    Of course there is always the subject of doubting oneself, even if ones knows that the person we are is perfect just the way we are. How to deal with bad energy and influence from others. How to not accept destructive thoughts. How to remember our precious universe inside, and make sure we live our life according to our heart. It’s hard sometimes but I find that through meditation, I build up a strong inner self and a love that shines through even if times are tough or people are mean.

    It’s hard to believe in the ability of ourself. What I find really precious in your podcast is how you are not just talking about the abstract feelings, but in a very concrete way. You are “down to earth” so to say and that makes it easy to follow and understand, and apply in life. Once again the thought of alrightness is just the perfect example.

    I apology if this is a rumbling and hard to follow message, I write it for you as much as for me (text therapy huh) but I hope my message of appreciation and excitement goes through to you! And that there will be a season two!

    Much love,
    Emma, Sweden

    • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

      Hi Emma! Thanks so much for your words. It is not at hard to understand exactly what you are saying and you totally communicated your feeling. I too have had a few things pointed out for me, and I know exactly how you feel. And in fact, I think you captured perfectly exactly what the approach is here. I’m very glad to hear that my exact intentions– and how and why I do things a certain way– that it is coming across so clearly. And I love that you found something instantly! As you know personally, it is not hard. It’s simple and easy. You just have to do little more than look at what I am pointing to. Sure, some things will take some practice and somethings will be harder to enter into or sustain, but some things are just there in plain sight. I especially want to connect with people who are open to the possibility that they are “missing the obvious.” Of course it’s not only about that, as you say, there are doubts and difficult situations, but I really do not want anyone to waste any time unnecessarily chasing after elaborate programs of well-being when there are immediate gains that can be had very easily if you look in the right way. And, I think you are on the right track when you say that “I find that through meditation, I build up a strong inner self and a love that shines through even if times are tough or people are mean.” We could also add to that the next step, which is the same one you mentioned you took with the first podcast: recognizing that this inner self and love is already here. The more we recognize it, the stronger is our sense of confidence and trust in that, until it becomes absolutely certain that this is the truth. Then what could ever harm you?