45: Three Levels to Relax into Presence

45: Three Levels to Relax into Presence post image

Whenever possible, it is very powerful to recognize and confirm our effortless and fundamental right-ness. Some meditators have yet to catch a whiff of this, while all of us can vary in how easily it comes forward to our attention. This guided exploration moves through different levels of relaxing into presence. Each level is important for everyone to work with, so it doesn’t matter if you have or have not caught a whiff of this fundamental okay-ness. It’s all good work and you can trust that soon you will catch a whiff, or more, and we all can benefit from working on all fronts whenever those come forward as what we need attent to.

I sure hope this has been helpful to you in your exploration of meditation.

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  • Alex Guild

    Thanks for another wonderful post Alan. It’s a few months that I’m now following your podcasts and I am very grateful for what you are providing here: a space of relaxation away from the noise & touble of everyday life and guidance through my meditation journey. My capacity to set aside my daily worries has improved tremendously since I meditate regularly 😉

  • Ilaria Ghetti

    Found this into my feed today, thank you Alan! Your podcasts are always so refreshing and uplifting, I am starting to see actual results with my practice. Sending love to you, please keep up the good work! <3

  • Jay Rees

    I was waiting for this Alan! Thanks for sharing, this has made my day 😉

  • Andrea Robinson

    Awesome meditation! I was so soothed by this that I actually started feeling good! As in happy! Way to go, Alan. :)