53: Guided Compassion Meditation Formula

53: Guided Compassion Meditation Formula post image

This classic formula for cultivating compassion is an excellent way to bring us back to the fact that mindfulness attention is a kind attention. It is also a great meditation to use at bedtime to sleep great!!
Mindfulness is not a neutral or clinical or objective attention. This guided meditation takes us through several layers of wishing well for ourselves and others. This traditional method of cultivating “metta” is a bit of genius. Using an inner voice, you put voice to a strategically chosen series of well wishing that both taps into established wells of love and spreads the good intentions liberally and indiscriminately, starting from one’s own sense of self and eventually extending to all beings everywhere.

While there may be areas at any point that are conflicted and mixed, that too is part of the work that this meditation does. Some may have mixed feelings about extending good wishes to certain people close to them, or maybe even to themselves. That’s all part of the mix and perfectly fine, as this practice winds itself through you.

A couple tips: don’t worry if you don’t mean it every time (remember its all part of it!) and if one can semi-believe that these good wishes actually could have a effect, that heightens it (but is not necessary).

Have a great time!

I sure hope this has been helpful to you in your exploration of meditation.

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  • Lags2Glitches

    This is probably my favorite meditation so far. I have noticed that all my anger and frustration I keep inside has been building for years. I feel like this helps me free myself from the judgement of myself and others.

    • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

      Great! It definitely does smooth things over. It’s a good one to stick with and return to over and over. Also, when we find something that speaks to us it’s a great discovery and we should stick with it. I’m very glad to hear that so thanks for letting us know!

  • john edwards

    Hi Alan, thanks for this site. I am quite new to meditation, but I am finding it very helpful indeed. This guided meditation on compassion is amazing. I find the affirmation of your own being very powerful and liberating. Its a great starting place to build on as the circle becomes wider in the well wishing. Thanks.

    • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

      Hi John– so glad you are enjoying it. And yes that’s exactly how it works. Excellent. Do be sure to sign up here for more meditations including some video instruction sent to your inbox, and also you can subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher for free deliveries of the guided audios only.