All New Season Starts Now!

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This Season on iTunes the theme is routines– think dance routine, or exercise routine, rather than chores. This season we are all going to make meditation a powerful, unshakable part of our everyday life.

And for that we have a BIG surprise for you this season. There’s a new team on board and we’re making something very special for you, to keep you immersed in meditation throughout your everyday life.

I won’t say what it is yet, because we are almost done making it for you and… well, you know how it is… things always take longer than we think.

I’ll be seeing you on the podcast on iTunes for now, and when it’s ready… in a couple weeks maybe… we’ll reveal it to you.

I can’t wait!

Till then please do keep pressing play on the meditations and go to iTunes now to download and subscribe for the I Should Be Meditating podcast.

see you!


I sure hope this has been helpful to you in your exploration of meditation.

If so,

there is a way to go deeper: join my FREE Facebook Meditation Group

See you in there I hope!


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  • Leo

    I am excited :)

    • AlanKlima

      Great. It’s good to have you along for the ride!

  • Marie Moss

    Happy that the new season is starting! Good to hear your teachings again. :)

    • AlanKlima

      Thanks Marie! So good to hear from you again. A founding person of this online circle! See you!