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Woman Meditatinginline image 800 bwSNAP OUT OF THINKING

Now it’s time to see how a whole shift in perspective can turn the tables on rampant thoughts.

You’ve seen how you can ride interest and enjoyment into a deeper and more satisfying meditation,

and how much struggle it is to go against your nature in meditation.

Now it’s time to get to see just how quickly it’s possible to snap out of it.

And the only thing that’s holding you back is meditation instructions that have you doing something impossible.

The Big Error:

First of all, it is absolutely impossible to “bring your mind back” when it is so-called “wandering.”

If you’ve been wondering why it’s so hard to do it, I’ve got some good news and bad news.

The good news is it’s not your fault.

In fact it’s not only you. No one can “bring their mind back.”

The bad news is someone at some point may have planted this idea in your head and it’s been making you frustrated.

Let’s get this straight…

And you will be able to confirm this in your own experience…

When the mind is all over chewing into thoughts, scenes, replays, and plans…

There is nothing you can do at that time.

It’s not like you’re in an imaginary scene, having an argument with your boss and telling them the thing you wish you said…

And then you realize what’s happening and say… “Sorry boss, I don’t want to be rude but… I’m actually meditating now and you’re not real. So I’m gonna go back now.”

It’s not like that right?

One minute you’re meditating on your breath, or something, and the next you wake up out what’s like a dream.

You didn’t deliberately wake up. You didn’t change anything yourself. It just all happened.

Now if a meditator thinks they are supposed to notice, and then also bring the mind back…

They are trying to do something completely impossible.

And feel like they are failing.

And oftentimes the first thought after waking up is:

Oh crap, I messed up.

But the truth is, something wonderful happened.

You woke up!

The only thing that can go wrong now is if you skip over this and go straight to the idea of what you were “supposed to be doing.”

(which is impossible, as you realize now)

That’s the real distraction!

The real distraction is the idea “notice you are thinking and bring the mind back.”

What you need to do is instead use your two trusty ol’ friends,

interest and enjoyment,

and put them to work noticing and enjoying this state of awakening.

What is awakening like this? What is it like?

Just look.

Then enjoy these moments.

It’s your placing your interest and attraction to these moments that will deepen your meditation.

While following the distraction thought of “notice you are thinking and bring the mind back” only leads to an idea about meditation, not awakening itself.

The real SNAP! in snap out of thinking lies in completely shifting the field of play in meditation.

From chasing ideas about meditation to recognizing the force that is already in you, waking you up.

When you place to focus, care, and attention on that, it grows.

And you snap easier and easier, more and more often.

Now this revelation can seem a bit elusive.

But if you really want to nail this other side to things down,

get really clear on it,

you totally can.

And it will even be fun.

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Just send me a raven below and I’ll email you back with tin-depth instructioins on all the parts of Snap Out of Thinking I shared with you here,

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and I’ll walk you through it all, step-by-step.

It doesn’t matter if you’re really experienced and sense something more is possible,

or just beginning and don’t want to spend hours in frustration

or even years and years, waking up one day and thinking… well, I’m a little bit happier.

But… this free email course is not for everyone.


If you are deeply interested in Meditation but are finding thinking is getting in your way,

and you want it out of your way!

If you’re just starting and don’t get inspired by meditation apps or robotic instructions,

and you want to feel attracted to meditation.

If you’ve been doing meditation apps, guided meditation, or local groups but you want to go deeper.

Or you have the sense there is something more to meditation and you haven’t got to it yet…

Most of all if you’re looking to stick with meditation without having to fight yourself


It’s not really for people who aren’t interested in meditation,

or looking for a solution to their problems but not willing to do anything.


But if you are interested in Meditating deeply, because you love meditation

or you want to love meditation

because you wish you loved meditation, but don’t yet…

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Meditation sounds great, but is difficult to sustain and deepen. So much can pull us out of our commitment to live life aware, awake, and present. All the outer distractions, duties, concerns and worries.

All the inner struggles. Practicing meditation is great, but how do you be more present in your life? How do you remember? How do you make it last?

You have to stay interested, inquiring, and investigating all the fascinating nooks and crannies of meditative experience.

Let’s do this together! So that you can get out of distraction, worry, forgetfulness and sink deeper into the life of presence and awareness that you sense is possible.

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