Live Call-in Show! Sept. 10, 2014

Live Call-in Show!  Sept. 10, 2014 post image

The tensions between meditation and our natural state are explored through great questions about restlessness, how to begin a practice, and what the “inner mental attitude” is all about . This is the straight raw recording of our live online video stream with call-in questions. You can join the next one!

I sure hope this has been helpful to you in your exploration of meditation.

If so,

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  • Kelly Sheldrick

    I think it is a great idea to include these live call-in shows – it’s great hearing others questions and opinions. I do struggle to begin practice, usually because I’m feeling to restless, and I can’t seem to get focused or relaxed enough to actually meditate, so these podcasts are great for me to learn the best ways to meditate. Thanks for sharing!

    • Daniel

      I agree Kelly. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Alan answers our questions in this episode. I am a very restless person too, especially at night, so I found that very interesting too

    • AlanKlima

      Great Kelly! Be sure to get on the mailing list to get invitations to the next live events. You can sign up over to the right and it’s free. Restlessness is what the universe wants you to work on next, so just be patient and you’ll see it melt away if you keep practicing. Just keep pressing play!

  • Katy Smith

    It’s great to hear a live call-in show! I loved the beginning of the podcast where you are talking about your background in meditation and Buddhism–so very interesting!

  • Andrea Robinson

    I just listened to this podcast yesterday,and it really helped me find a place of peace about being wherever I am! (And it’s not even a meditation – just a talk about meditation, LOL!)