Season 2 is Here!

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I am so happy to back! There are many great things planned for the near future and people who are following closely will be able to get in on all that early. Of course the latest news is: we will be having regular podcasts for season 2. We’ve invested in an assistant and there is going be time to put into the podcast and a lot more for ISBM.

Keep coming back here to find the latest talks and meditations and also a special announcement coming before the end of month.

So now we are all set.

But can I ask you a favor though?

Please click the share buttons on these podcasts and posts, or paste in a link on Facebook or twitter or something. It will take a bit of little clicking actions on your part to help make all the money and time put into this to come to fruition and be all that it can be. I am so grateful to connect with you in this way!

See you!


I sure hope this has been helpful to you in your exploration of meditation.

If so,

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See you in there I hope!


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  • Ellie Moloney

    Looking forward to Season 2. Enjoying your podcasts and posts, and I will definitely keep coming back. Shared on Facebook.

  • Katy Smith

    Yay for season 2! Like Ellie, I am looking forward to another season with you, Alan. This is definitely something that I will be sharing with my friends and co-workers. Glad to hear that the podcasts will be regular. I need some consistency in my life. Can’t wait!

  • Francesca

    Can’t wait for the new podcasts to be released Alan! Always following you closely and deeply grateful for what you ‘re doing here. Namaste my friend ❤