Talk 10: The Quiet

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The real Quiet is not the physical quiet of sounds, nor is it even a quiet from thoughts or a quiet mind. What is it and how can we recognize it? This can be a sticky point for meditators, but this sticky point cannot overpower the quiet itself, a silence greater than sound or thought and which makes everything about a meditation practice work better, even if our main goal happens to be having a quiet mind and body.

I sure hope this has been helpful to you in your exploration of meditation.

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  • Kelly Sheldrick

    I’m not sure that I’ve ever experienced a ‘true’ quiet, but it’s something to strive towards. Now that I have a better understanding of what ‘true’ quietness is, I hope it will help me in achieving true quietness in the future. Thanks for sharing your experiences and opinions.

    • AlanKlima

      I wish you all the best!

  • tommymadden3

    I don’t think I have ever experienced True Quiet either Kelly.

    I agree, it sounds like bliss and being on the road to enlightenment, I have a craving for true quietness to give my soul some beautiful rest,I will work at it in my daily meditations until I reach it.

    • AlanKlima

      It’s great to have some things to look forward to. Yet this quiet is here now and you don’t reach it– it’s here!

  • Katy Smith

    I find that whenever I try to meditate I am trying to find that place of Quiet, but it’s not so easy to get to…this world is so full of sound, business, and distraction! Though finding a calm place to meditate in helps create a space for finding the Quiet.

  • Andrea Robinson

    Alan, this talk is really enlightening. I think you’ve hit on something about the intangible “quiet” that exists whether we’re being noisy or not, and even whether or not the environment is noisy.

    I’m lucky, because I live out in the country where the only sounds are the birds outside and the steady hum of the ceiling fan. What a perfect environment for hearing your words and truly focusing on them.

    I’m really happy about being able to discover that “true” quiet, which is lack of judgment over whether my mind is active or not. If I’m focusing or meditating and thoughts come into my head, I don’t really mind it at all, and they simply dissolve.

    I’m very pleased to know that meditation can be fun, isn’t a big chore, and can come with a sense of acceptance instead of frustration.