Talk 14: Reality and Illusion in Meditation

Talk 14: Reality and Illusion in Meditation post image

What does “Life is an Illusion Mean” and what does it have to do with your electricity bill? I mean, you have your real life, while there are many spiritual statements that seem to indicate there is an ultimate reality and it is different than what we see as real and true now. In this talk, I want to show what the source of the confusion is here and how each and every one of us can get a clear sense, from our own direct experience, of what can be meant by such things as “moving from the unreal to the real” in meditation.

I sure hope this has been helpful to you in your exploration of meditation.

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  • Jay Rees

    This is such an outstanding audio to listen to! It actually made me reflect on how our daily outside “reality” is only an illusion and how we can shift from our everyday and material experiences (anger, stress, discontent) the “unreal” to the “real”, our eternal, spiritual reality which is untouchable and unmovable. Yes, this shifting is possible and you helped me to get there. I fell like achieving the clarity you are talking about. You are an incredibly inspirational being and well…I don’t know how to thank you Alan. Namaste

    • AlanKlima

      That’s so great Jay! It’s so great that you get this point which is so profoundly simple and so powerful. The great thing is the more we sink into this shift from “unreal” states back to more being ourselves, and where we are really living from, the more we will love it and thus the attention will naturally be drawn back to it more and more. You just inspired me!

  • Kelly Sheldrick

    What is reality and what is illusion? Deep question, which has raised some personal questions, and made me question how I currently see life. I would also like to feel the clarity that you were referring to, and hopefully with your help I can achieve that. Thanks again.

    • AlanKlima

      A great intention to have Kelly. Just think of it as a shift from stories and situations and identities that kind of seem to take us over, to feeling present just as we are. There is a relief and goodness and rightness that we can all feel in that shift.

  • JessicaKx

    there is quite a fine line between reality and illusion all right, I don’t think we should be denying that. Another great session from you Mr Kilma :)

  • Katy Smith

    This is very interesting. How do we know what is real or not? I agree that your experiences and history is real. I’m not one to buy into the idea that some things aren’t real. I believe we experience reality even if it’s spiritual. Just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it is not real. I think that if we experience something, then it’s real.

    • AlanKlima

      I think if you take the example of being in a state of anger, and how many things seem real at the time, then after we come down from anger those things don’t seem true anymore– then we understand the shift from what is kind of unreal to what is more real. The main point here is not to start deciding what is absolutely real or unreal, but just recognize the shift, what it feels like, to begin to appreciate it and love it. Then, see where it takes you.

  • Caitlin

    This topic can certainly turn into a very deep discussion. I agree with Katy Smith below in what she said about just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t real. It almost starts to get into the topic of “Absolute Truth.”

    • AlanKlima

      Yeah maybe it does almost go into the topic of absolute truth, but definitely the point is to not go there because that’s where the mind kicks in with theories and speculation. It’s about feeling and sensing your truth as a living being. It’s not about deciding anything about invisible or visible things.

  • Ann Abbitz

    Interesting podcast…it makes you seriously rethink your whole reason of being. This is a great explanation to the uninformed(?), no offense. Just open yourselves up and you can discover everything. Simple, yes?

  • Justin Bradshaw

    This is something that really hits home to me, as the friend who referred me here says I’m not opening up my”inner eye”. As I grew up in a very strict Catholic home, all this stuff is a little hard for me to take in. But I’m all for trying to make a change, or else I won’t live to see my 40th birthday.

  • Alex Guild

    Thanks for sharing this very insightful post and audio. I spent the last 20 years worrying about the “unreal” problems and felt in the end totally depleted of energy, completely without direction, like I was living someone’s life. I decided to leave my job (I was lucky enough to be able to survive on my saving) and re-focus on what I really want my life to be. Yes my life is a hell of a lot simpler now. This is my second year of deep meditation practice and I used to have a real hard time understanding these concepts until a few months ago…now I can say I totally get it! Perhaps my spiritual awakening is allowing these ideas to “sink” into my soul and be fully appreciated? I know I have a long way to go still, but this audio made me realise how much I grown and how my perspective on what’s “real” and “unreal” has changed. I feel liberated…it’s a nice place to be 😉

    • AlanKlima

      That sounds great. And it’s true that after a while these things pointed to become more real and easier to see what they mean. I think there are quite a few moments of “now I get it!” destined to happen in the future.

  • Elizabeth Griffin

    Hello everyone, I’m new to all this meditating stuff. I had heard so many positive things about it that I wanted to give it a shot. This a very interesting podcast to hear for the 1st time. :) I’m looking forward to what all I can achieve upon meditation.

  • Brenda Bradley

    Thanks to these sessions, my eyes have been able to be opened up more. And the way I look at everyday life, and other people, have changed drastically. It’s sad to see there are so many people who are so disillusioned with their lives. I was this way before starting meditation, thanks to my roommate and best friend. Her family is Buddhist and they practice meditation and seemed so…..happy and relaxed. I thought, I want to live like that. This has been such a life-altering experience, I can’t imagine NOT meditating anymore.

  • Kelly Knight

    It’s nice to see so many people benefiting from these podcasts. I know I’ve found something special. I’m going to keep working at it and I’m sure I’ll have that aha moment too! :)