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  • Andrea Robinson

    I really enjoyed this meditation. I was really enthusiastic when I saw that there was a walking meditation included in your list of podcasts. I’ve always thought of walking meditation as just walking down the street and being in a contemplative mood.

    Anyway, this was much more in-depth, more detailed, than what I was expecting, and I really enjoyed it. Making it okay to stretch, to appreciate those bodily cues and to really focus on your feet and balance. It was actually playful at times, but all done in a very gentle, soothing way.

    Thanks a lot! I’m looking forward to more of them.


  • Brayden Perez

    I would love to be able to meditate while I walk! My mind is generally busy while I walk to work or back from or going from place to place, so going from having 100 thoughts at the same time to 1 or even none would be just amazing! It will take me some time to get that posture down but I love the idea of this. I will try to do it in my living room for now and then move on to doing it while I am on the street.

  • Katy Smith

    This was so interesting! I’ve never done a walking meditation before. I found this to work very well for me since I love walking anyway.