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  • Victoria Garcia

    I liked the analogy of the glass of pulpy apple juice that settles on its own once you leave it alone. Sometimes people “shake” me and add stress to my body and mind but once I am alone I start to settle. I think most of us work this way. If we are shaken, we find it hard to control our emotions but once we just stop, we start to settle in a peaceful state. The question is: how can we learn to settle when we are angry, nervous, agitated? What do we do when there is nowhere to go to in order to be alone?

    • Caroline

      Victoria, I think this takes a lot of practice and we may never master meditation, we just get better at it. I think getting to a state of mindfulness, of calm in the middle of an agitated period is possible but not for a beginner. There are many things to be learned and experienced first, before one can enter this state of calm from one of nervousness.

      Alan, I like the way you use words like silky or crisp. It just makes me feel your words and better understand what I should be doing and how I should be feeling.