28: Continuity of Sensation Shows Us What is Mindfulness

28: Continuity of Sensation Shows Us What is Mindfulness post image

A guided meditation on sustaining the presence of sensations also leads us deeper into understanding the practical meaning of “mindfulness” and what is awareness. This meditation practices the ability to keep a meditation object present by getting clear on what is the precise action that we do to make that happen. At the same time, we also become more familiar and intimate with that which does not require our action and is our deepest, effortless support in practice.

I sure hope this has been helpful to you in your exploration of meditation.

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  • lily

    another brilliantly enlightening session. I want to share the art of mediation with the world <3

    • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

      Great! There’s handy share buttons here. :)

  • Nicolas Santelmo

    I’ve shared it in my Facebook! :)

  • Katy Smith

    A few friends and I actually listened this together. Sometimes I prefer meditating on my own, but it was quite a wonderful experience meditating alongside friends.