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  • Kelly Sheldrick

    Keep trying and eventually we will achieve and, I think you have done this on this occasion. I guess the natural joy is always there, but sometimes we are distracted by other factors – perhaps some of these other factors, numb the feeling of natural joy?

    • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

      It’s that our attention is drawn and attracted to problems and how to fix them. So yeah it’s mostly distraction. But you are also right we can numb ourselves too: it’s a coping mechanism we all learn as children to some degree and it protects us in a way. The trick is to go beyond that after we have outgrown the need for numbing.

  • tommymadden3

    I believe in the natural joy, I haven’t quite got there yet, but I know with a bit more practice I will get there soon.

    • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

      Keep an attitude of “listening” and it will show up. We know it’s natural because we can see that children who are not treated badly naturally have it. That “spark” is something we get distracted from over the years, but it’s still there.

  • Frank Green

    There is Alan. I’m not an experienced meditator or anything like that, but I’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced on a couple occasions pure stillness. A stillness that translate into pure joy.

    it is not the kind of exalted joy one experiences with “good news”, it’s much more powerful, still flow of well-being an peace. There is equanimity and it’s a state where acceptance and response (instead of reaction) are way easier and just natural.

    Thanks again for sharing such powerful thoughts and information. It’s a pleasure to know there’s this information available here.

    • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

      Yup we don’t need meditation to recognize it. Perhaps we can say that meditation reduces the drama and noise of our confusion and struggles, then it’s possible to notice in this quiet. But we can notice it for many other reasons and also spontaneously for no reason that we know as well!

  • Caitlin

    I take a bit of a different view on this. I believe that true and natural joy comes from the Giver and Creator of joy itself – God. Without Him and a relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ, one can never really know true joy. Only a shadow of what could be.

    • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

      This meditation is definitely about recognizing a joy that is here naturally that we are not the creators of.

  • Elizabeth Griffin

    I know quite a few people who could really benefit from listening to this. And I agree with what Frank has stated, despite being a newbie to this meditation stuff, I’ve been able to experience pure, natural joy…..the first time was the birth of my daughter, and watching her grow into a wonderful, giving, loving young lady. And other instances come from watching her over the years….the joy, the purest type, I believe, comes from being a parent. :)

  • Katy Smith

    Yes, when you are truly able to simply be that is when you feel that true joy! This is a lovely focus for a guided meditation.