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  • Andrea Robinson

    I was very
    gratified to find that I was extremely relaxed and got to that state right
    away. When we started following the breath, I literally felt like I could look into my lungs and all the branches and see that they were totally clear, feeling refreshed, and ready for anything. I stayed in that state for about halfway through the meditation and felt like I was moving into that state of mindfulness in which I was just sensing rather than judging myself or anything around me.

    Then, I started having thoughts about what I had to do today about halfway through. The good thing about that was that I had several creative ideas about how to handle certain situations. I really did not go back to that state of non-thinking for the rest of the meditation, but found it very soothing. :)

    • Riana

      Some days, I also find it pretty hard to get into a state of non-thinking. It may take me considerable time to get there and once I am out of it, it’s hard to come back to it. But, this is work in progress I guess and I am very happy with what I’ve done so far. And more than this, my family has told me how calm and peaceful I am since I started meditating using your wonderful podcasts.

      • Andrea Robinson

        I agree, Riana. I’ve just got to look at it as a work in progress. I notice I’m not nearly as hard on myself as I was before, so I think it’s working, slowly and surely. :)