We’re Coming Back for Season 2!

We’re Coming Back for Season 2! post image

But should we come back with more?

Let me know if you are interested in the return of ISBM by leaving a comment on any guided meditation audio podcast episode, and do some social sharing too.

I’ve been wanting to come back but the time and money has made it impossible. I have so many students to attend to. I kept thinking I would make and find the time at some point.

But I had to admit that’s never going to happen.

Until I realized something—I need help!

Sometimes you just have to realize that.

I’m now in the process of finding help with producing the website, show, and everything, and also figuring out how to fund it too.

So more episodes and more everything are coming.

But what’s happening now will shape the whole future of that, because first I want to hear from you.

We can interact right now!

Ask Me Any Meditation Question!

I just turned on blog comments here at ISBM for the first time ever and I’m going to be on hand to answer all your meditation questions.

Treat it as my inbox, or to talk and comment to each other. I am definitely there to respond.

How to Do It:

Just go over and click on the guided meditation audio podcast that you think is a good fit for your question or comment, or just randomly select one, and I will read it.

I’m going to use this in three ways:

  1. As a way to help you or respond to your curiosity directly, immediately, now.
  2. I will take your comment or question as a vote: “Yes, please do make more!”
  3. As a way to know your interests and make choices about what serves you best.

So at the very least please do give me a show of support and interest with a few comments and shares over on the audio podcast episodes! I really listen to such things and take them in. Your encouragement will let me know I should continue.

Do you want season 2?

Please let me know by leaving as many comments and questions as you like or can. And click the social share buttons too.

I have a nice warm feeling about coming back.

Lets Do This!

See you,


PS please do share this call out too and let other people know what’s about to happen!


I sure hope this has been helpful to you in your exploration of meditation.

If so,

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See you in there I hope!


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  • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

    testing, and hi there!

  • Nicolas Santelmo

    Hi Alan, this is great. Thanks. What would be your answer regarding the following: there’s some days where meditating seems completely impossible. The mind is truly wandering like a wild monkey. Is there point in trying anyways or it’s just better to engage in something more active that can provide the same inner peace results? If so, which actions do you recommend?

    • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

      Hi Nicolas! Great question. One of our goals might be to shift into an understanding and way of being where we are fine whether there are lots of thoughts or few thoughts, a wild monkey mind or a still forest pool mind. What would it be like if it didn’t matter much to you, when you go to meditate, whether the mind is chaotic or peaceful? If that were true for you, what else would your life be like? This is some thing that is entirely possible. Of course we have our preferences and of course everyone likes a quiet still meditation and no one likes a noisy one. That’s okay and natural that it is that way. But even with preferences and likes and dislikes it’s still possible to be quite OK with whatever the mind is thinking. That could be a goal and one way to get there is to practice at it. There is no way to practice at being fine with a noisy mind than actually being with a noisy mind. We practice at it (not perfect at it) and we need a noisy mind to do that. Then we see that noisy mind is not the enemy of meditation any more than 40 lb barbell is the enemy of weightlifting. It’s our friend come to train us! So at least sometimes when it is not too much struggle for us we should start to get used to meditating with a noisy mind in so far as we are capable. That being said, sometimes when we are very disturbed, for some of us the best thing is distraction rather than open up to the possibility of getting obsessed with what’s disturbing us. Distractions can be anything like TV and movies, especially comedy, walks in nature, exercise, and most of all good company and/or doing kind things for others.

      • Andrea Robinson

        That is brilliant.

      • Alexa

        What a wonderful reply! And I actually don’t care that much whether my mind is chaotic or not – and it generally is quite filled with thoughts. I just like the exercise of trying to turn my engines off and just think of nothing. I find this challenging and that’s why I like it. It’s just like you said: this is here to test us and help us get better. We just need to look at it the right way and use it. We shouldn’t be afraid of a chaotic mind, but embrace it.

  • Katherine Meier

    Thanks for the work you do Alan, I have truly enjoyed your soothing meditations in the past months and I made them a regular habit in my daily routine. This site works quite well for me as you have different audios for different moods and each one has a particular scope: it ‘s giving me a wide range of options and that’s what I need when I meditate. And yes…to answer your question succintly… please DON’T STOP!! I will be posting my feedback on some of the audios and will share your work with my network. Can I ask you to give me a nudge if you ever visit Germany? I am in Frankfurt and would love to take part in some of your classes. Sending you my very best wishes, Katherine

    • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

      I may someday be in the Frankfurt airport at least, I bet! It is possible to set up a meeting with a meditation group or something but it is probably much easier to figure out something that can work online. I do get it though– I really like the live classes too and I would love to be able to develop something that could be like that, but online. It’s something a lot of thought is being put into right now, actually. Thanks for sharing this place with your friends!

    • Samantha Barnes

      I also enjoy his audios and love the fact that they address different moods and don’t focus on a single aspect. I can get bored easily so mixing it up and talking about all sorts of methods and ideas is fascinating for me. It keeps me going strong and I can’t wait for the next set of podcasts!

  • Andrea Robinson

    Alan, your warm feelings are guiding you properly. From my standpoint, YES, this is the right thing to do – come back with a Season 2.

    The meditations are wonderful and I began to feel benefit from them after only a few days. In fact, I realized that meditation is my cure for laziness. It sounds funny but true. After feeling like putting off the many things I want to do, forcing myself to sit and meditate actually ended up propelling me into action.

    So, yes, come back, and I’ll leave a review on iTunes also.


    • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

      That’s a great result! It’s actually not surprising because one of the best things we can do to get our day off on the right foot is a morning ritual or routine that is not too hard, that is totally doable. We get a shot of encouragement, plus it’s a routine structure. It cascades through the day. I always recommend one easy thing to start on the morning ritual– drink a glass of water (which you need because we are a little dehydrated in the morning). Combine drink a glass of water and meditate, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2, and after a few weeks add in a simple #3. Then start each day 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3 : the power of that will amaze you! It’s much more powerful than trying to adopt a whole structure for the whole day and then try to stick to it. That usually doesn’t last and makes us feel inadequate and “lazy” (which I would call, “resistant” or “rebellious”).

      • Caroline

        Thank you for this simple, yet powerful advice, Alan! I will start simplifying things just like you said and do the 1-2 for some weeks and only afterwards add a 3. I was getting a bit overwhelmed by the sheer volume of podcasts you have on your site right now, so this helps. You could actually create a short guide for beginners to follow so they know precisely what, how and when to do these podcasts. Looking forward for season 2 ;)!

        • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

          Thanks Caroline– and great point, you are reading my mind. The big old orange button on the first page is going to lead to just such a page. I’m still looking for help though to get this all going. Getting closer!

          • Caroline

            You are very welcome, Alan! Glad to be of help :)! I’m certain you will find the needed help to make this happen. I think that anything you can do to help beginners settle in faster and start meditating the right way will lead to more people getting into meditation! Like me, most need a guiding hand along the way and are maybe “scared” when they first enter the door of your site. With a little help from you they’ll do fine!

  • George


    Please please come back with season 2. Your podcasts are wonderful!

    with anticipation,

    • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

      Hi George!

  • Katy Smith

    Yes! Come pack with season 2, please! I love listening to your podcast meditations. I would be so sad to not have them in my life.

  • Riana

    You should definitely come back with Season 2! Why? Because after just 3 sessions, following your advice, I have started feeling a lot calmer, reduced stress and even my family have noticed how relaxed I get after the time spent alone listening to your videos. I used to come home stressed from work and the long way home and I would usually take it out on my children and my husband. Now I feel I can contain that “anger” and I can calm myself a lot faster. I will do my best to watch a video each day and meditate for at least 15-20 minutes because this is wonderful for my mind! So that’s why you have to come back :)!

    • Andrea

      I agree! I feel my life changed for the better ever since I’ve started listening to your podcasts, Mr. Alan! I don’t understand why you are having second doubts about this, it is clear to me that your podcasts are helping a lot of people so they should continue.

      • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

        Hi Andrea! It’s not doubts– I am looking into getting help with the all work it takes to produce this along with all the other stuff I have to do. Hopefully this will free me up to produce the show again. Just wanted to let people know, and find out where there are questions and interests. Thanks for yours!

        • Andrea

          I understand, Alan, and you should definitely focus on creating more podcasts because you are excellent at this ;)! Don’t waste your time with other things (not as important) that others can easily do. Your podcasts can indeed change lives by teaching us how to alleviate stress and focus on the good things in life; and this, in my opinion, is of utmost importance.

  • Andrew Clark

    I have started mediating for the last 2 months following your videos. At first it was very hard to concentrate and get the exterior sounds out of my mind. I think it took me 3-4 sessions to start getting a bit calmer and to be able to focus on what I needed to do. Anyway, long story short, I am now doing this every single day and I would love for you to share other ways of meditating as well. I have gone through almost every video you posted and love them and also want new ones! So, when is Season 2 starting?

    • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

      It’s on the way….

      • Andrew Clark

        That’s great! Keep us posted, Alan! Can’t wait to see what other meditation tips and ideas you will be sharing with us all! I am now hooked on your podcasts and I try to meditate as often as I can.

  • Lori Westerbuhr

    !!! Yes. So happy to see this post! Your guided meditations are wonderful – consider this a vote for Season 2 – filled with gratitude for all you have given already.

    • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

      Hi Lori!

      • Lori Westerbuhr

        :) Hi Alan! I was glad to hear you decided to get some help with your efforts. Funny – sometimes that option doesn’t occur to me (when it should be obvious). I can’t imagine what, but if there’s anything I might do to help, PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Brandon

    Like the others here already said, you must do season 2! I gradually started to love your podcasts because they relax me beyond words! I come home tired, stressed, sometimes upset and I just put my headphones on and listen to your words. I am not the best when it comes to meditating but just listening to what you say is well worth it. When I got the house to myself I will turn the volume to max and just leave a podcast running while I do other things. And it helps me focus better for some reason.

  • Brayden Perez

    I really hope Season 2 starts soon because I miss your podcasts! I have watched them all over and over again and there are 2 of them I know word for word :). Come back soon, Alan!

  • Scarlett

    Alan, I just wanted to let you know that my 83 year old grandmother absolutely loves your podcasts!!! I couldn’t believe my ears when she told me she started meditating (just a few months ago) because you made it feel so easy to do. She says your voice calms her down and meditation has rejuvenated her (and this is evident). So, do your best to record the new podcasts as soon as possible because you have a big fan waiting for them ;)!

  • Jessica

    Hey Alan, any news on when Season 2 will be coming this way? Me and 3 of my friends are doing meditation sessions in my living room every other day and we are almost out of podcasts :)! I know this is usually a practice that requires silence and being along but for some reason, we 4 seem to be getting amazing results by doing things this way. Just wanted to say that we appreciate your hard work and can’t wait for what’s next to come!

    • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

      Hi Jessica! Actually there are other groups or have been doing the same thing. I’m training someone to help with all my other tasks so that I can come back to this. Looks like we are about 1 month from launch.

      • Jessica

        1 month! That’s great to hear, Alan! Thank you so much for replying! I know you are very busy so I appreciate your reply even more!

        Gosh, I thought we were special with our little group but it seems like others have beat us to it :)!

  • Leo

    Hi Alan,
    it would be wonderful if you made more episodes.
    I really connect with your style of teaching.
    Thank you for sharing it with us!

  • soledad martínez

    Hello Alan,

    I’ve been following you here, through Academic Muse and I also joined the writing boot camp for a couple of months. You have been of great help. Specially these meditations have changed a lot of my everyday ways of feeling because, even when I am not meditating I am learning a new way of relating with my thoughts and feelings. You have showed me the materiality of thinking and feeling and I have also beginning to understand that there is not mistery about thoughts. The way we think is flexible! So I don’t need to be limited or in pain about my ideas of the world, of me. Of course, it is an ongoing lesson, but you made the first step possible. I have always been interested in meditation, but what I got until now was a silent place difficult to keep in the most difficult moments when you need it more. You showed me a playful way to relate to my voices… not forcing them to shut up, but playing with them to change their intensity and hopefully find the calm, the silence, the inner place where to stay and rest. Thanks a lot and I really hope you can continue with this project.

    • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

      Hi Soledad!
      So nice to hear from you again! It is very encouraging to hear that you have benefitted so far. And yes, I am starting to get some help with my other projects so that I can come back here and continue the work. Getting closer to that point!

  • Madelyn

    I keep coming back here to check up on you Alan :) and see if Season 2 is underway. Very excited about what’s to come and by the looks of things I am not the only one. Sending some positive thoughts your way!

    • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

      Still working on it! I do have an assistant now but it takes some extra time to train, but there is a plan to make is all work out time and money wise in the end. I may have something in a couple weeks!

      • Madelyn

        Thank you for replying, Alan. I know this is hard work so I appreciate you doing this. I will check back in 2 weeks or so to see if any new videos are up.

  • Mmagician

    I’m extremely excited about Season 2. I have a lot of time for what Alan is trying to achieve here.

  • Shawna Pauline Slayton

    I love your podcast! Please come back!