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  • Andrea Robinson

    I enjoyed the part in the very beginning where you had us practice relaxing the face like a loose mask and then play with a tendency to smile and then relax again. Some part of my inner child thought that was really funny and I felt a sensation of joy in my chest.

    I also went into a very relaxed state as we got further into the meditation, but as usual, found my mind jumping around from topic to topic, usually focused on things I think I have to do. But this time I just let the thoughts come and go, because I’m more familiar with the experience now and it doesn’t bother me too much.

    I like this practice because I’m pretty aware of my inner mental attitude, but I’m not good at doing what I want to do, which would be to direct my thoughts to more positive subjects when I catch myself going into a “bag,” as it were.

    Thanks so much, Alan. :)

    • Caroline

      To my surprise, I actually didn’t have any distracting thoughts while I listened to the podcast! I don’t know why precisely but being alone in the house and not having anything stressful on my mind could be some of the reasons why. This was the absolute most relaxing podcast yet!

      • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

        Great! I guess that’s a sign you should repeat this one a few times, and also take to heart the place that it’s pointing to because you can work with that at other times, too.