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  • Vera

    First time I tried this I was indeed trying to be too exact, trying to focus too much on doing this perfectly instead of relaxing and enjoying this period. It took me 3-4 sessions to realize that I need to relax and not try to do it perfect because there is no perfect. I just need to let go and breathe in and let my body react to what I am doing. It took me some time to understand this is not a race but a marathon and that I should take my time with this and not force it. Once I did this, I started feeling the reverberations of emotion in my body just like you said.

    • Aurelia

      Yeah, I made that mistake as well. I don’t know why some of us (me included) need to feel like we are following a precise step-by-step guide when meditating. I mean, this is a moment of meditation, of clearing the mind and letting the body do its thing. It’s a moment when we just need to know the basic pointers of Alan’s teachings and then just relax and enjoy this time spent in silence. I did a lot of mistakes while trying to learn to meditate “properly” and now, after a while, I feel as if I found the way that works for me so I am very happy.

  • Katy Smith

    I really enjoy listening to your voice as a guide through meditation. I also really appreciate that you leave so much room for silence and breath. This was very relaxing.