36: The Vivid Body Scan

36: The Vivid Body Scan post image

This guided tour through the body sensitizes you to all the flavors of feeling in the body, and brings you to the vivid enjoyment of subtle breath sensations interacting with whole body sensations. This is a profoundly accessible and healing meditation that leads us toward the shift into a mindful life.

I sure hope this has been helpful to you in your exploration of meditation.

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  • https://kellysheldrick.wordpress.com Kelly Sheldrick

    I love these guided tours and meditations – they really help me to keep focused and I end the session feeling accomplished and refreshed, maybe even enlightened. The power of breathing and meditation is amazing!

    • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

      I know– sometimes it’s really great.

  • lily

    So glad my friend showed me this site. It is like a one stop place for free mediation and happiness.. Looking forward to reading your free ebook tonight Alan! :)

    • http://ishouldbemeditating.com AlanKlima

      Nice! There’s also a video and other things coming to you in the email to help you along your way. See you!

  • Brenda Bradley

    As I’ve been busy, busy all year, I haven’t been able to do this scan yet, but just recently did it, and all I can say is…..wow! After a long, hard year of classes, I’m going to splurge and just work on ME this weekend. No classes, no work, vacation starts next week. :)

  • Katy Smith

    Body scan mediations work best for me. I love that you have a few different ones on your podcast!

  • saltygirl

    Alan, please do a Season 2!!! I love your meditation podcast and listen to it daily! I love, love, love ISBM! I felt sensations in my body I’d never felt before the first time I did this vivid body scan meditation. I do it often now and thoroughly enjoy the transition from daily life where I don’t notice much feeling in my body to the meditation where I feel more than I ever imagined. I also love the Simply Being meditation and sit outside for a quick meditation during my lunch breaks.