48: Breathing with Intention, and Not

48: Breathing with Intention, and Not post image

This breath meditation explores the difference between when we consciously, deliberately feel the breath, and when we let it go and allow it to appear by itself. These two flavors of attention are great to recognize, and are easier to recognize by contrast. This meditation will make this clear on an experiential level and give you an attention tool so that you can adjust your meditating to changing circumstances.

I sure hope this has been helpful to you in your exploration of meditation.

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  • Andrea Robinson

    This was a really fun meditation. At the risk of sounding like a free radical, I decided to do this meditation standing up. I’m a writer so I sit a lot all day, and that just seemed like the way to do it. I was smiling the whole time and noticed that it’s a lot harder to balance with your eyes closed.

    Thanks a lot, Alan, this was really soothing but really fun, too.


  • Sissy MacDougall

    Ah, very soothing. I searched for this because I was having such a rotten morning, exhausted from lack of sleep and sick of using coffee every day to jumpstart myself.

    Right away, imagining that string pulling me up and letting all my muscles relax, I felt a lot better. My mood is so much more relaxed. I think I’ll have a much better day as a result of stopping over.

    Thanks so much.